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New project -

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Hello, dear Tim Burton fans! Today I'd like to announce my other website project, it's not connected with Tim in any way, but I wanted to share.

It's a website from a geek like me, for other geeks out there! GeekArena is dedicated to mobile technologies, smartphones, consoles and gaming in general. With additional info about events for gamers and fantasy lovers.

Unfortunately, it's in POLISH language only, so my international friends have to excuse me for that. But I'd be very gratefull for any feedback and all of you are welcome to visit! If any of my polish friends would be interested in partnership or banner exchange, feel free to contact me.

PS. I'm not leaving this site, if anyone wondered. stays and will be taken care of! Lots of love, Miverel - Mobile, Technology, Consoles, Games News
30 Aug 2013 by Miverel

After all this time...

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I've been recently visiting some old sites of my past fandoms. And that there are still people who update their retro 90's style websites. It amazed me so much that I decided to step by here. I cannot tell that I'm devoted to Tim Burton's movies as much as I was few years ago.

In my opinion Tim's best years of productivity are behind him. I don't like nor admire his recent work. And because of this dissapointment I have stayed away from all the news about him. I still think that he is a great person and that his commitement to the movie industry is tremendous! That's why I don't want this site to rot. I put a lot of heart in this site few years ago and I'd like to stay it this way. Thanks to this website I meet a lot of great friends, I also helped some people with their school essays and even master degree works. It's been really great experience!

I hope I'll find some time to update it from time to time. Because, as I said in the beginning of this note, I admire admins of old fanoms who still stay with their (more or less popular) fandoms. See you around, guys!
20 Jul 2013 by Miverel

Frankenweenie Guardian review

Movie icon
Hello, fellow Burton fans! Long time no write! I apologize sincerely for that!
The 'Frankenweenie' is finally out. Probably most of you have already seen it. But for those who haven't I have a short review written by Philip French from The Guardian.

Frankenweenie Review

I haven't seen it yet myself, but from what you wrote me, it's worth watching! So If you would like recommend it or totally bash it, I warmly invite you to share your thoughts in the ShoutBox!
Stay tunned and I hope all of you've already started your Halloween preparations! Any Burton inspired costumes this year? :)

22 Oct 2012 by Miverel

'Frankenweenie' goes darker!

Video icon
Second trailer for Tim Burton's upcoming movie 'Frankenweenie' is out!
The film will hit the cinemas in 3D on October 5.

'Frankenweenie' (2012) is a remake of Burton's short black and white movie with the same title from 1984. If you haven't seen it yet, check out my video section HERE and enjoy the old, 30-minutes long masterpiece of gothic animation!
27 Jun 2012 by Miverel

'Tim Burton: A Filmography' video

Video icon
It's time to present a delicious video for all Tim Burton fans!

Martin Woutisseth brings you the video short titled 'Tim Burton: A Filmography'. It features all of Burtons most important movies, like: Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes, Sweeney Todd or Alice in Wonderland.

Everything is served within awesome graphic visualuisations! So don't waste your time, watch end enjoy!

18 Jun 2012 by Miverel

Two new clips from 'Abraham Lincoln'

Video icon
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be hitting the theaters on June 22nd. Still three days to go, that's why internet teases us with some new movie scenes. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!

18 Jun 2012 by Miverel

Site profile

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Phew! Long time no write, my dear friends! I'm so sorry about that! It's not that I lost interest in Burton's creations. I just have less free time than few years ago.

I've been keeping up with Tim Burton news for over 4 years and now I'm thinking of changing the site's profile. From the info and news site, just to the information website type. I don't feel good when the new trailers and photos show up and I don't upload them on the site as soon as possible, just because my lack of time. I think it's not fair.

I haven't made my mind yet. Holidays are ahead so I should have more free time to spend and update some website stuff. So stay tunned and stay with me! Because you, my fellow online friends, are the ones that keep this website running! :)
Thank you so much for support! Because is not going down! As long as you're with me! Hugs!
18 Jun 2012 by Miverel

Dark Shadows Trailer Premiere!

Video icon
Here it is! Warner Bros' has released the first trailer to the Tim Burtons "Dark Shadows" vision! Movie has its premiere on May so watch the trailer and enjoy!

16 Mar 2012 by Miverel

Frankenweenie - Official Trailer

Video icon
So here it is! The official trailer of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie! Providing the the voice-talents of Winona Ryder, Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, and Martin Landau.
Did you notice the hints to the previous Burton's movies? ;) Are you happy with the result? Or were you expecting more?

01 Mar 2012 by Miverel
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